Generate new business and look after loyal customers

On this page you'll find a couple of real world examples of how using pandora can lead to greater returns for your business.

Targeted mailshots

By using Pandora's mailshot module, it's possible to create a targeted mailing that will get the best values for money for your company.


Objective: To send out a mailshot promoting a new deal on draft Stella to try and obtain new business for a specific premium draught lager.

How would you go about this at present?

Many companies would mail their entire client list with the new promotion. Here's how Pandora can help you make the most out of a promotion...

The Pandora method...

  1. Using Pandora's reporting engine, create a list of companies that do not carry the product, or are supplied by a competitor.
  2. Export this list into MS Word and carry out your initial mailing for the discount
  3. Two weeks later, run a report that will generate a list of those in the initial mailing that have not purchased in response to your mailing.
  4. You can now send out a second mailing with a further discount, only to those who haven't purchased at the original discounted price.
  5. Two weeks later you can choose to repeat steps 3 and 4, or pass to your telesales to call

So you can see that Pandora can help your company make the most sales with the highest margin, whilst not losing out on those customers that aren't swayed by the initial discount.

Customer retention

Pandora's custom reporting means that you can see any view of the business you wish.

The calculation of a customers average order pattern means that as soon as a customer is out of this period, Pandora will notify the relevant member of your customer service team. This calculation can be fine tuned to reflect the way you would like to do business. For example, some of our existing users like Pandora to notify them after an average order period + 10% has passed.

This allows you to react much more quickly and possibly save a customer that is about to move to your competitor. Because you know that the customer is out of their usual order pattern straight away, you can get in touch with them. If they have been offered a better deal by your rivals, you then have the option to offer an even better deal and keep the account.